These, are Pallasites.

Pallasites are stony-iron meteorites that contain gem quality olivine embedded within.

Pallasites formed when our solar system did. Back then there were even more planety type things wooshing about. Some of them were massive enough, and composed of enough radioactive materials to have a mantle and core and a crust, like Earth.

Pallasites are thought to have formed at the boundary between the mantle and core of these things, like something floating in the layer between oil and water. Then when two proto-planets crashed together, it freed the pallasites and sent them on their way.

They’re pretty rare, only 61 have been found, but damn are they pretty



Amie DickeAfter Goldschmidt, 2012

"At the Herengracht 401 there is a room on the third floor. This room used to be a hiding place for young (Jewish) men during World War II. Manuel Goldschmidt was one of them and after the liberation he stayed connected to this safe house. Until recently he lived in the same room where he was kept in hiding. He died in March 2012.

When I first entered the space it felt like a time capsule. A frozen world that you do not want to touch because of its delicate state, yet too important to let it go. In an attempt to mark the fragile points I began to fill up the cracks and open joints with pieces of gold colored emergency blankets. 

I started with the windows (there was quite some draft). Then I lined the contours of the space between the outside wall and the carpet, like a floor plan, followed by the cracks in the furniture pieces and little holes in the walls and ceiling. It took me almost a month to make this fragmented drawing in space.”